About Us


A Team of Designers & Builders
A skilled team of expert craftspeople build each armoire, farm table, chair, china hutch, buffet, bed, and desk using designs inspired by 19th century French country furniture. The 35 year-old, North American workshop has expert finishers who understand the techinques required to create an authentic milk paint finish with a lightly distressed appearance. Each piece of Kate Madison Furniture is built with proper care, because we want you to love your furniture when it arrives—and enjoy it for many years to come!
About The Construction
Each Kate Madison Furniture piece is made of solid-wood (pine, birch, maple or ash) depending on the use. We offer character-rich reclaimed wood found in old hunting cabins and barns for tabletops and sideboards surfaces. The majority of the pieces are built using Canadian pine wood for an authentic French country furniture style. Our hardwood table legs have custom turnings and designs created by the workshop. Each furniture back is made of solid tongue and groove wood. We adorn our pieces with generous custom moldings, beveled and raised panels, traditional wood pulls, and custom-joinery. *We never use any plywood, MDF or veneers! Each furniture piece is crafted like its one of a kind!
About The Finishes
Authentic French, American and Country antiques were finished in milk paint for the brilliant colors that have enriched over time. At Kate Madison we use the same time-tested milk paints, and environmentally-friendly finishes. Milk paint was used on interiors of houses during the colonial period—but, its origins date back to Ancient Egypt. Colonist created the durable mixture out of milk protein, quicklime, and earth pigments to create brilliant, and fade-resistant finishes. It's a technique that's endured today in fine furniture making. Each color is rich in depth and authentically reflect an "antique" or "old country" look.
Milk paint does not chip like regular paint. The texture and character is also quite beautiful—it has a flat, course and transparent quality. Our custom mixed colors have high-quality finish that is common in furniture of centuries past. Because of the lasting-color of milk paint, many 100 year-old antiques still have the same richness of color as when they were originally painted. We take care to finish your furniture because we believe that custom-made furniture of today is an antique of tomorrow.
About French Country Style
French Country is popular in furnishings, fabrics and decor for its enduring quality and style. It's regularly featured in magazines, books, and television shows. It's a return to basics—offering classic farmhouse appeal with sophistication. Customers often remark that they love our French country furniture because it is elegant while standing-up to with "real life" demands.