About Us


Before you visit ...
Kate Madison does not have a retail location or showroom. We are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
You don't have a retail store?
No. We had a retail showroom for many years in Kennebunkport, Maine and Newburyport, Mass. Due to the growth of our business through the web, it became a better choice for us to no longer staff those locations.
But I need to experience the furniture in person, don't I?
Hey, we understand for some people it is a must do, to see furniture in person. We get that. We do our best to represent our line of furniture in the best way we can. We take care to provide as much visual information, and thorough product specs, to assist you in making a decision to purchase from us. That's not for everybody and that's okay. We have lots of customers who live all over the US who never set eyes on our furniture until receiving their purchases. We have many, many customers who love what they have bought from us. We hope you'll take the leap of faith and make a purchase from us as well!
Can I get Color Samples?
Yes! If you let us know which colors you are interested in, and where to send them, we can mail you blocks of color finishes. We do ask that they be returned after use. We don't charge for colors, we just ask that you please return the colors in the envelope provided. You need only to pay the return postage. Tell us at cs@katemadison.com which colors you are interested in, or, call us at 800-931-5283.
Can you show me more images of furniture I'm interested in?
Yes! One of the ways we can help to provide you the flavor of our furniture is sharing examples of furniture items we have already built. We do our best to select the best product images but we've also compiled a large database of past built pieces. We may not have it in the exact color you're looking to buy, but generally we have image examples that will help you in your decision-making. Send us an email, cs@katemadison.com, stating what you're looking for and we'll send you a response with links showcasing those pieces.